Quilting is 4 the Birds 🇨🇦
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Quilting is 4 the Birds 🇨🇦

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This modern quilt pattern may be used to produce a 44" x 40" quilt, or your own pillow or quilt configuration using the 4 included bird block patterns (approximately 14" x 15" each). 

This pattern features 4 birds: the Blocking Jay (blue jay), the Quilted Cardinal (cardinal), the Fancy Finch (gold finch) and the Robin Thread Breast (robin). 

This pattern also includes instructions on creating the leaf and square-dot sashing and borders. 

This quilt is best suited for a piecer of an advanced beginner level or higher, and will develop piecing skills using the Stitch & Flip technique. 

The step by step instructions are clearly illustrated and all pieces in the pattern are lettered, making it easy to follow-along.

Also included are: a list of needed materials, fabric colour suggestions, fabric cutting layouts for the most used colours in the quilt, instruction on the basics of the Stitch & Flip technique as well as useful tips and tricks for accurate piecing to make your quilt BEAUTIFUL.