Mythical Wieners

Mythical Wieners
Mythical Wieners
Mythical Wieners
Mythical Wieners

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Mythical Wieners is a dachshund themed full-colour quilt pattern booklet containing 8 mythical creature/wiener dog blocks and 6 smaller filler blocks.


The wiener dog blocks are:

2 dragon blocks - or as I like to call them, DRAGWEENS (19" x 24" each)
1 unicorn block - UNIWEEN (21.75" x 13")
1 griffin block - GRIFFWEEN (23" x 12")
1 sea serpent block - DACH NESS MONSTER (40" x 7.5")
3 mermaid blocks MERWEENS (2 x 19" x 24" each & 1 x 20" x 11")

The smaller filler blocks include:

1 fire flourish the accompany one of the DRAGWEEN blocks (12" x 6.75")
1 sword block (12" x 17.5")
1 heart block (4" x 13")
2 flower blocks (5" x 7.5" each)
1 crown block (8" x 4")
2 jewel blocks (6.5" x 7" each)

You may use this pattern to produce a throw-sized quilt (60" x 75") or to create projects using the blocks individually, such as pillows, tote bags, cushions, baby quilts, larger quilts, wall hangings, wall art, etc.

The instructions are clearly illustrated across 28 full-colour pages that take you step by step through the traditional piecing of each block, and final quilt assembly.

The instructions include a full list of materials needed and a fabric choice/colour selection guide which maybe downloaded separately. Cutting guides are clearly laid out by block and by colour so that you may stay organized throughout your project.

This pattern has been tested to ensure accuracy and ease of process.

This pattern is perfect for the intermediate quilter or beginner who likes a challenge, as this pattern contains some smaller pieces.

This quilt would be perfect as a gift for anyone who has a fondness of dachshunds, dogs, magic, mythical creatures, medieval times or who enjoys the quirkier things in life.